Cozy Corner – Memphis

While on a trip to Mississippi, I was clear on getting BBQ. In Miami, awesome BBQ is hard to come by or at least is difficult to find. Cozy Corner was the place I was told to go to. After watching a history video on the place, I wanted to feel the same thing I saw on the video. When you arrive to the Cozy Corner it’s pretty clear that you’re in the hood, which I love by the way. Yeah, I’m from the hood, enough about the restaurants area.

If you’re looking for a serious decor, cool lighting and nice set up this isn’t for you but if you want finger licking BBQ, than this is the place. We arrived on a Saturday afternoon to find the owner sitting table side talking with customers and just helping all around. You could tell that many of the customers are regulars as they speak like family.


We couldn’t help ourselves so we ordered way too much food like rib tips, rack of ribs, and chicken. The portions are huge. The BBQ sauce is a little sweet but counters well with the deep smoky flavor of the meat. Service is OK, a little un-personal, sort of felt like they knew we were from another state.


The BBQ is moist, soft, smoky and ohh so succulent. Yes, you can lick your fingers now. If you can get pass the not so great decor and all your worried about is amazing taste than you hit a home run!!!
* A small tip for all my sweet tooth loving people, try the banana pudding. It’s so good, simple yet done right. We took 5 servings for the road which never made it to Miami. Cozy Corner gave us history, not so great service and serious good BBQ. Don’t worry about the neighborhood, you’ll be fine. Stick to the food, you’ll be safe there.*

Glazed & infused Chicago

When I arrived at Glazed and Infused in Chicago, Illinois, I predicted I was going to get some serious fried dough. It was a cold Saturday morning as I arrived to a hip doughnut shop with great decor and a serious amount of small samples. You can actually try 80 percent of the doughnuts before you buy which really makes a serious first impression.


As I gazed at the vast variety of options, I thought of taking them all but realized that wasn’t going happen. I kept it simple and tried their signature maple bacon log doughnut, which was good. It’s not to sweet but has a solid balance of sweet and savory flavor, making it a great doughnut. The whole time there, I was tempted to try these huge home made marsh-mallows.


The staff is very friendly and made me feel at home. They gave great info on the doughnuts and the history of the shop. There’s something about Chicago’s cold winter weather with a great cup of coffee, and a huge glazed birthday doughnut from Glazed & infused, it’s as good as it gets. Be ready to see working people in the area. Parking is limited which was the only down side. Tips for newbies, do what I did, get someone to drive you up to the location and wait outside while you pick the fresh,glazed ,fried goodness. Glazed and Infused has really made a new fan, especially with all the amazing doughnuts I didn’t try.


See you soon Chicago!

Chattahoochee Coffee Company (Atlanta)

When you say coffee house, few will ever think, nice, sunny, and river side location can be mentioned in the same sentence. Chattahoochee Coffee Company in Atlanta, Georgia is not your normal, overcrowded, free Wi-Fi and hip location. It’s the simple things in Life; a nice cup of coffee and river side.
First let’s take a look at the location. Inside a private apartment complex sits this small but unique coffee house. Walk up the stairs to get a coffee and head outside to an amazing relaxing experience, with lounge chairs, rocks or even a mountain trail if that’s your cup of coffee. The Chattahoochee River is feet away from the coffee house and it just makes the fact of getting a frappe or hot coffee something exciting and blissful at the same time.
The Service is friendly and knowledgeable. No big machines, just the classic real way of brewing coffee. Prices are fair, coffee is good, and parking is easy with in house staff telling you where to park which is nice. The beautiful nature background is what easily sets this place apart. You have to see it to believe it. Have a nice cup of coffee on the rocks and the riverside are things you will never forget. Coming from Miami, it was a new and refreshing in every sense of the word. Or coffee bean in this case.

Latin House Grill

A Cuban dude from Hialeah starts a food truck and in less than a year has one of Miami hottest eateries.

Latin House Grill is the perfect combination of Cuban and Mexican like you never tasted before. I must admit from the start, LHG is never open on Mondays (Which left me bummed out the first time I attempted to show up because I didn’t look at the website to see what’s up.) “Who cares, they said the food is good.” I decided to take the 25 minute drive from my house to show up at the House that has the best burger! I made the wrong choice to show up when there was to big of a crowd.

Via “Burger Brawl 2013”: “LHG has way more than burgers, tacos are also on the menu and do not disappoint.”

The first thing on the menu was the sneaky nachos. The Sneaky nachos are! First you pick the protein, and then sit back and enjoy the Flavor rollercoaster. I picked the care asada sneaky nachos, they are not your regular nachos. They have tender pieces of carne asada with in house cheese sauce, Pico de Gallo and this white cheese sauce makes it all better. There is no overly melted cheese to cover up chips that over power the protein, just a blissful amount of carne with 2 cheeses to get you started correctly.

Looking around the table I began to pick other options. Be very clear, the Vaca frita at LHG is some of the best I’ve had. Either there’s a mom in the back putting her elbow into the flavor bowl or I just can’t describe what you’re getting. It had a little bit of a bitter orange taste and something that was marinated for a while, either way it stands alone. The lettuce wraps with chorizo are also really good. Lastly I had the Champ Burger (which recently won The Burgie awards), it has the perfect heat to get you going. LHG is very good all across the board and if you get the waiter who’s a part time comedian ( John Q ) you can get a few laughs free. I’m in Mad Love Heaven! Till we meet again LHG!

Heirloom BBQ (Atlanta #Foodiereview)

Heirloom BBQ is definitely a hidden gem . The Korean BBQ spot, hidden next to a supermarket in Atlanta, turns out amazing brisket, ribs and so much more. If you want to eat there get ready to stand as they have an outside patio section. I’m sure once you get a bite of anything on their menu the urge to sit will go away in seconds.

Based on reviews from the locals, I had to try their Korean BBQ sandwich. The idea of the sandwich got my taste buds going. The sandwich consists of kimchee, BBQ pork chunks and a nice brioche bun. The spicy pork with the mix of not so hot kimchee, a hint of sweetness, was a great balance. Every bite of the sandwich has a burst of serious flavor.

Brisket was next on the menu. They deliver a nice portion of smoky, soft, tender brisket with so many beautiful black ends. Man it’s like Gold I tell you. The brisket stands alone without anything, it’s almost like candy. I made a huge mistake by not ordering more.The Brisket is a must have.

Heirloom BBQ is affordable, fast and delivers top notch BBQ. If you’re looking for something a little different when you come to Atlanta this is the place you need to visit. The locals know the good stuff, Heirloom BBQ might not have the biggest location but they aren’t lacking the big flavor!!!!

New Year’s resolutions, why don’t they work ?


It’s the New Year, and millions of people across the world are excited about, yeah you guess it, their New Year’s resolutions. It’s that one moment we promise ourselves and others the compromise of change and sacrifice. And even though I am all for self-improvement, and long impressive lists, there a few things we need to consider before we set ourselves up for failure. According to University of Scranton, Journal of Clinical Psychology, there are “45% of Americans who make New Year’s resolutions”, and it is only “8% who actually keep them”. That’s a real disappointment, so half of America gets excited about a list filled with promises of improvement and change, yet our commitment doesn’t make it past the 6th month.


So why is it so many of us start off with a list and end up in front of our garbage cans ripping our goals into smithereens? I believe it’s because we set ourselves up with impossible expectations. Be honest and sincere with yourself, you know what you’re capable of and you know what’s just ridiculous to expect of yourself. So when creating your New Year’s resolutions be considerate of what is actually achievable. Some might beg to differ, and argue that New Year’s resolutions are supposed to be filled with the impossibilities that need to be made able, yet I feel that being unrealistic with ourselves is causing us to not even try and give up after a few months.


Another reason is because we should set ourselves up with daily resolutions rather than wait a whole New Year to even start considering self-improvement. We should all be changing on a daily basis for the best. If you want lose weight or eat healthy its best to start today, right now. Consistency is also very important. Research has proven that it takes 21 days to form a habit. So, if you want to get rid of a bad habit, apply the good one for 21 days and your set! Now, there’s a difference between habit and addiction. A bad habit is negative behavior pattern. Some examples are procrastination, fidgeting, overspending, nail-biting, and so forth. Now addictions are continued repetition of a behavior despite adverse consequences, or a neurological impairment leading to such behaviors, in that case you should contact a professional. In addition, I believe accountability is needed to maintain our desired goals. Have friend or someone you trust to be your source of accountability. There’s nothing more uncomfortable and confronting than to have to own up to the fact that for this week you, totally didn’t meet your goals. But the point is not to feel defeated but to be reminded to stay focused and push you through it. This person should have qualities of motivator and most of all believe in what you’re trying to accomplish.  And last but not least don’t try, just do, you’re worth it! And there it folks, I hope this help us all to not just start another year successfully but actually be consistent with our success and reach our goals.



Source: Maricel Romain


Grub Review (Chi-town Edition) What’s Poppin Popcorn

Let’s Get It Poppin (Chicago, Illinois)


15 minutes from the outskirts of Chicago’s city area, Let’s Get It Poppin gourmet popcorn store, delivers amazing popcorn with flavors you can’t find in your local supermarket. When I showed up at this popcorn store there was already some loyal customers ordering popcorn, so after listening in on some of the choices made by the local fan base I said lets go for it. They are known for the Carmel & Cheese popcorn mix. If you’re looking for a healthy popcorn fix you’re at the wrong place, but if you want a nice sharp contrast of cheddar with a heavy dose of caramel flavor then you my friend have found the chedda. It is by far their best seller. If you hold the popcorn in your hand for about a minute, be ready for the oil stain, who really cares, the popcorn is popped fresh daily and then comes to the front display in huge bags. You can see the flavor really sticking to the bag.

The Goodness of well flavored popcorn is not missed in this place.

Established in 1995, this family owned business has a secret on how to make this popcorn a drug. I’m kidding on the drug part but they’re not going to share the secret. It’s too serious. Guess you got to order online or when you’re in Chicago check them out. You won’t be disappointed, don’t forget to try their other 7 amazing flavors.

Sneeks Review – “Calvin Johnson jr”


When I was growing up Transformers were the move and if you had an action figure you are the coolest kid on the block. I even remember the theme song “Transformers, robots in disguise. Transformers, more than meets the eyes”. TURN UP! Well Nike has done it again. They’ve taken entertainment, culture and sports and combined the three. The “Megatron Rises” collection are new to the Nike family.


With three different types of shoes, these cross trainers are eye-catching and the color-ways are stuntastic. Also Included in the trio is a pair of cleats to celebrate the nick named “Megatron” himself, Calvin Johnson jr, wide receiver for the Detroit Lions.They went all out with the packaging of this collective. The shoe box turns into a display that’s decorated entirely with original artwork. The lines of the box mimic robotic surfaces and are augmented by triangles, hash marks, x’s, and o’s in reference to the football field and offensive passing plays. Once the box is transformed the whole set up looks like an ill conversation piece for the living room of the “single/bachelor/sneaker-head/art junky” type (shout outs to DJ Soundwav: hence the name).


Not sure where or when these are available but I’m sure it’ll be a grip to purchase the whole set.  You decide if it’s worth it:

Dapper scale 1-10

Shtyle: 7
Swag: 7
Color way: 8
Wearability: 7
Rubber kneck effect: 8

Overall : 7.4

“Church Hierarchy”


Church, we like to think of it as a place of rescue where the lost can find themselves. Church is often viewed as a place where we can find the embrace of a stranger, feel captivated by acceptance and bewildered by love. Well, at least that’s how most of us picture it, but what happens when the Christ centered warm smile becomes an eerie stare and uncomfortable prick up your spine. As you walk into church and finally make way to your seat, you wonder if you should have just ironed your shirt, and begin picking at all your insecurities. And as you look around this place reflex’s a gathering of individuals composed of a small ecosystem. You ask yourself who you should talk to, how will you fit in, and wait, will you even fit in? Subconsciously, we begin to divide the people into groups, just to help us grasp the socioeconomics of our surroundings. You can’t help it, were all labeled and just because were in church it really doesn’t make a difference, right? So you begin to categorize and map out the environment. To your far left you have your “Fabs”, they are the ones with the “up to date” fashion, and every Sunday it’s all about a making a fashion statement. We definitely look forward to the IG pic of the day, and if you get followed back it will definitely make our social life so worth living.


Then you have your PK’s (preacher’s kid) there just so perfect. You almost wish you were as, “fearfully and wonderfully” made as them, because somehow God must have just spent a little more time on them. PK’s they motivate you to spend most of your time trying to measure up to their wonderful awesomeness, to the point that you just feel so completely spiritually dumb founded. To your right you have “the mutant” these guys are not only talented, but they do it all! They sing, they dance, play instruments, act, preach, write and they do it all so gracefully. Doesn’t it just make you want to precisely calculate the formula to being so graceful? It’s all so simple to unfold and predict, before you know it you have it all down to a science. Now, how to get noticed? It’s always awkward at first, but afterwards you can just climb up the success latter, and find yourself on the preferred list with the VIP of the congregation. Its cool, we can just treat the church socially like another high school or gathering, what’s the big deal right, its life and we all have to find a way to get where we want. Umm, so let’s see who do I have to step on in order to conquer with my hidden agenda? Who knows a moment of glory can last a lifetime.

And before we know it our hearts are corrupted along with our point of view within the church. The outside world has crept in, and we are to blame. A visitors chair became the petal stools for judgment and criticism, as we automatically labeled each member of the congregation and settled for a cheap exchange of fellowship. Often, I have wondered why is it hard for us not to judge and label. Why can’t we see past our differences and embrace them for their uniqueness. Its very often we forget that being an individual highlights our Creators intelligence and remarkable ability produce what none other can replicate. I can just image Jesus walking into the church and demanding that division be cancelled with the embrace of accepting each other as He has. Can we begin to look into Gods kaleidoscope and find beauty in what separates us? I believe we can learn to look in before we look outward. It’s always easy to find the weeds in your neighbor’s garden, and ignorantly disregard our own yard. I refuse to believe that we have become so conditioned by the world that we can’t break through the standards of Hollywood and media. Church can be Christ centered, and people can genuinely unite for the same cause in and out of the temple. Ideally however it will have to start with us, so let’s infect the cause of unity in the church together.


Source : Maricel Roman


#DopeMusic – Rey King “Fell In Love”

“Fell In Love” is the first Single off “TLHD” (The Love Hate Demos). This video is an artistic representation and performance interpretation of the “Fell In Love” song. Rey speaks of being alone with a reflex at every beat in this visual.

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